Seriously Cat? I Can Hear Your Hair!

I love Jynx, I really do, but sometimes she really drives me crazy. I think that might be part of their purpose on Earth, to test the limits of human sanity. If so, they do their job well.

So I’m sitting here trying to type, and Jynx decides that she needs to be part of the process. I have a towel under my keyboard to absorb some of the sound of my fast typing. There’s five inches sticking out on the left side. She proceeds to climb up and fit all 15 pounds of her body into that 5×7” space of towel.

As if that’s not enough, she’s laying on my headphone cord. They’re earbuds, so anything that touches the cord gets amplified in my ears. I can literally hear her hair rubbing on the cord, and then the already intense purring pretty much sounds like a motor boat directly in my ears.

Oh, and we’re not done yet! My knuckles apparently “haz tha flava”, because she started licking them. She’s chasing my fingers around the keyboard to lick them! Mnlem, mnlem, mnlem. Yeah, I needed that extra lubrication and tuna scent, thank you SO much!

*sighs* But I still love her. She’s too cute not to love, even when she’s annoying. One of these days I need to get a photo of her (if I can) head-butting Eric in the face or doing the happy-happy squirrel tail thing. Her love tends to be painful!



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