The Green Television in Lizella, Georgia

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

The night before last I was thinking about how things had improved in my life, and how I’ve learned to be grateful for the little things. There are things that most people would complain about or not appreciate that I actually took joy in.

The green TV was one of those things. For a little while, Eric and I were renting a place in Lizella, GA. It was a single-wide trailer and not the best in the world, but it was ours. We didn’t really own much of anything at the time. Relatives donated things so that it wouldn’t be empty inside. Eric’s dad offered us the television.

It was one of those older wooden case type TVs. The screen wasn’t all that large, but it wasn’t too bad. There was just one thing, someone had put a speaker near it and it made the picture mostly green. He didn’t think we’d really want it, but he made the offer. We took it. A green TV was better than no TV!

So after Eric got home from work at night we’d sit down and watch shows on that old, green-pictured TV while we had dinner. We were grateful to have anything at all. Many other people would have scoffed at an offer for a TV like that, or would have complained about it. We were glad to have it. It was weird, but we joked about it and used to call it our “alien TV”.

People often don’t appreciate what they have or what they’re given. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more or better, but you need to appreciate what you have and the people who helped you get it. People who don’t appreciate what they have tend to end up without. When you have gratitude and see the good in what you have and what you get, things tend to keep getting better.

Even if you have very little and it’s not the greatest, find ways to be happy about it. Even green TVs gan be pretty awesome if you let them be.


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