One of My Favorite Games: Crimsonland

Screenshot: Crimsonland
Screenshot: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a small and straightforward game. You’re a little guy with a gun and you’re killing aliens. I’ve been playing this game for years, and I still enjoy it.

There’s no actual storyline to the game, but it’s still fun. When you start off you’re given 50 missions to complete and then you can play them all again on Hardcore mode. Once you play all the levels in both mode’s you’ll have unlocked all the weapons and other game modes. There are missions, survival, rush and type-o-shooter where you fire your gun by typing words.

I mostly play on survival mode. Now, there are high score tables and the game is largely about score, but I have fun making up my own challenges. I usually base my success on how long I’m able to live. My best game ever was about 26 minutes. My average is around 14 minutes.


Screenshot: Crimsonland
Screenshot: Crimsonland
I also challenge myself sometimes by standing still in the center of the screen and see how long I can live like that. If you don’t get telekinetic, you won’t make it long. If you have that and man bomb you can actually go for a while.

Screenshot: Crimsonland
Screenshot: Crimsonland
Another of my little personal challenges is when I get the snow backdrop I try to live long enough (and get a nasty enough weapon) to cover all the snow with blood. I know, that’s horrible, but hey, it’s entertaining to me.

The makers of the game claimed that there would be a Crimsonland 2 coming, but that was in 2009 and it’s still not here. I’m fairly convinced at this point that there will never be another. It’s too bad, because I’d really love to have another game like this.



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