I’m No Longer Allergic to Mushrooms!

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

For the last 36 years of my life I have had an allergy to mushrooms. A real allergy. If I had so much as the tiniest lick or bit, my throat would swell, breathing would be difficult and fear of the hospital was a very real thing. It caused a lot of stress for me and for my family, who had to constantly worry about me accidentally getting mushroom in food and possibly dying.

A month or so ago I came to a shocking discovery. I had eaten mushroom and lived! Apparently, the Mahatma Wild Rice I enjoyed so much had mushroom in it, and I had not seen it on the label. I’d eaten half the package with no ill effects. I was so shocked! After that I started to wonder if maybe I was cured of my allergy.

I started tasting little bits of mushroom anytime someone else in the house had food with mushrooms in it. I kept the pieces small and always had ice water on hand just in case. I’d eat a bit, and no reaction. I started eating a little more each time. I actually ate half a stuffed mushroom at a restaurant and had no issues. Excitement started to kick in. Mushrooms are so tasty!

Well, last night was the big test. We made chicken cacciatore with portabellas in it. I was a little worried, that’s a lot of mushroom. Well, I ate my whole portion and I’m still here to tell you about it! I did get a little bit of a stoned feeling for a while after, but it faded. So apparently, I’m no longer allergic, which is amazing. I get to eat tasty mushrooms and not have the constant fear that anything I eat might kill me. They put mushroom in a LOT of food, so it was always a fear. Now that fear is gone.

I’m very surprised and very happy. Apparently only about 2% of the population is allergic to mushrooms, and only 15-20% of adult food allergy sufferers ever overcome it, so I’m a fairly rare case. It’s all good for me though. This is about the best news ever. Now I’m wondering if I can (or if I have) overcome my wool and seafood allergies.


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