Your Slipperz Iz tha Comfy

No, I didn’t suddenly forget how to spell, I’m just having a Cheezburger moment. If you somehow have managed to use the internet and not know what that means, I command you to Google it right after you read this. AFTER you read this! Otherwise you’ll be too busy laughing your butt off to remember how you got there. [smiles]

So, I found this photo that I took a few weeks ago and totally meant to write an article about. Jynx, bless her freaky little soul, thinks my slipperz haz the comfy. At least once a day she goes under the coffee table, carefully steps both of her front feet into one of my fuzzy ballet slippers, then slowly lowers down into the little camel ball position. I was lucky enough to get the camera into the room and catch her for this cute picture.

I’m not sure what her thing is with shoes. When she was a kitten she’d pick a shoe up in her mouth and carry it around while mewing in the cutest but most pitiful way. The funniest thing was that the shoes were bigger than she was! The way she had to waddle with the thing in her mouth was hilarious. She stopped after a while, but there are plenty of fang marks in our shoes to prove that she once did it.




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