Sites Like Free Rice and Games for Charity?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

In a recent post I mentioned . They are a site where you can answer questions in different topics and earn grains of rice to feed the hungry every time you get a right answer. I try to go there at least a few times a week and earn a few thousand grains of rice. it may not be much, but it’s a good way to pass the time, educate myself, and help people in need.

I’m wondering if there are other sites like that out there. I tried searching for “games for charity” and came up empty. I didn’t know what else to search for.

Have any of you found other sites where you can do simple things for free online and help a charity? I play games here and there during the day when I take breaks from writing, and I’d like to have it be more than just fun. If i could entertain myself and help the world at the same time, I’d be really happy about that.

If you know of any other legitimate sites that allow you to do something online and help a charity, please tell me about it. We’re not allowed to post links in comments, but you can tell me the name of the site or service and I can look it up. I’d really appreciate any suggestions that any of you might have.


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