Hemming Pants – or – The Curse of Being Short

I enjoy thrift shopping and getting lightly-used designer clothes for next to nothing. A month or so ago I went and got three new outfits for a whopping $25, and it was all like new, name brand stuff. I was really happy. Unfortunately, there’s a problem. I’m short. Really short.

I’m not sure what people are thinking when they design clothes, but it seems all small-waisted pants are made for women who are 6 feet tall. I got this awesome pair of black flare leg jeans. They make my butt and thighs look amazing. Unfortunately, even in my 7 inch platform heels, they drag the floor something fierce. I’m 5’1”, and apparently short people are not taken into consideration when these clothes are made.

I’m 5’8” in my mega-heels, and the pants still drag the floor. I’d have to be at least 5’10” in shoes to wear them as designed. So… I have to hem them. I’ve never hemmed pants before. I suck with a sewing machine and I hate sewing denim by hand. However, I’ve got to do one or the other. The big flare also adds another level of difficulty.

Thankfully, I have mom here, so she’s going to try to help me. Hopefully we can do it, because I really love these pants. They’re simple and sexy at the same time, so they’re kind of perfect. I just wish that designers would realize that we’re not all amazon bean poles. Some of us are rather petite, but we can’t shop in the teen section because we have women curves.

Wish me luck!



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