Strange Food Combinations And Experimenting With Food

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

I can’t remember who started it, but a few weeks ago someone wrote about their weird food combinations, and a few other people wrote about theirs too. I was really absorbed in Wisdom Bites, so I didn’t write about it then, but it went on my to-write list. I’m finally getting around to it now.

So, what oddities do I like? Let’s see… I really like to put fried chow mein noodles in my peanut butter sandwiches. I like salami and sriracha in my grilled cheese sandwiches. I often use crushed Ritz crackers to thicken my tomato sauce. I use apple or grape jelly to sweeten some dishes. I recently learned that I like broccoli in shrimp salad. I know that I have other oddities, but for some reason my mind just went blank on me.

I do like to experiment with food, and I’m not too afraid of putting things together that other people would find weird. Maybe that’s part of why I can’t think of much, because it’s just normal to me to put things together if they taste good. I can usually guess by knowing what the foods taste like alone, or by smell, if they’ll go well together, and I’m right 98% of the time. I even surprise others when they find out what I use to make somethings.

I really wish I had the opportunity to try more kinds of food. I hate buying something new and running the risk of having it go to waste because I don’t like it. When I can I’ll buy something if I know someone else will eat it if I don’t. I also take advantage of buffets to try new things. The last time we went for Chinese I tried real crab, stuffed mushrooms, octopus and frog for the first time and liked them all.

Do you have any weird food combinations that you like? Are you an adventurous eater?


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