What Happens to Them Won’t Happen to You

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

I recently wrote about negativity and how we have a choice to think about and take action on the positive. In that piece I mentioned how we can start to worry that the negativity will affect us personally. This is something that we all need to think about for a minute.

What’s happening to someone else might not ever happen to you. When you mire yourself in the negativity and focus on the possibility that it *could* happen to you, then you increase the chances of it happening. If you believe that things will be good for you and that bad things won’t happen, then that’s what’s more likely to be true.

I recent example would be the people who are missing payments from Bubblews. I almost got dragged down into that pit myself. There are some people missing payments, but most of the members are getting their money. I’ve cashed out over $1600 without any issues. People are focusing on the ones not getting paid though. They figure if it happens to a few people, eventually it’s going to happen to everyone. They’re looking for ways out, they’re stressing, they’re inviting all sorts of unpleasant feelings and issues by thinking only of the little bit of bad.

They’re not focusing on how many people are getting paid regularly. They’re not keeping their eye on their own writing and their own ways of doing things. Like I said, it almost dragged me down too. I was starting to worry and to feel like I needed another place to write. But I caught myself, remembered all my successful redemptions, remembered how my success is growing and knew that I’d be alright.

That sort of thing happens a lot. People see something happening in the world and they start to worry that it’s going to happen to them. That worry leads to stress, the stress leads to actions being taken that distract from the good path that they were on. If they could just keep focus on what’s going right and believe that they’d be fine, more than likely, that’s what they’d get.

I find that I have much more success when I just focus on doing my own thing, doing it right, and simply hoping things turn out better for others. worrying that something bad will happen to me will only get me off track and I’m loving this path and the good things coming from it too much to derail myself over things that will likely never affect me.


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