Says Who? – You Have to Act Like a Grown-up

Image; Public Domain, Pixabay
Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Yet another one of those heavily perpetuated myths that has no basis anywhere. What people really mean when they say this is that you have to give up all your hopes and dreams, get a “real job”, work all the time, let go of fun and fantasy, and become a miserable, tired sheep. What a crock!

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to become stiff and boring. Maturity doesn’t come from working so much that you have no life. Respect doesn’t come only from a certain job or from “buckling down”. I have read about a lot, and met a few, people who are more lively and fun in their 40+ years than they ever were. They believe that life is meant to be lived, and you’re never too old for anything.

This whole idea of acting like a grown up is horribly flawed. To me, a grown-up is someone who has learned to temper their actions with the wisdom gained from their years on this earth. They still follow their dreams, take risks, have fun, get silly, and even do some stupid things, but not with the blind invincibility of youth. But they never get “old”. They don’t get boring or cold, they don’t allow themselves to become rigid or jaded. They live life to the fullest in every minute.

Maturity is just the ability to use the knowledge that you’ve gained, and always gaining more. There’s no age at which having fun, playing games or goofing off becomes wrong. You’re as young as you think and feel you are. Or, you’re as old. It’s your choice. there’s no certain way of acting that people need to adopt at a certain age to be “right” or “better” than anyone else.


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