Dust Bunnies of the Soul – Reply

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Eric just wrote a post called “Dust Bunnies of the Soul”, and it’s interesting because I was thinking of a very similar thing. He’s a lot more goofy than I am, but he does have a great way of tickling people’s brains and using that oddity and humor to get people thinking.

I certainly have my own soul bunnies. He talked about how hetero men aren’t supposed to like dolls. That whole gender bias thing always annoys me. But that’s another topic. MY soul bunnies are something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve felt totally off because I’ve tried hiding my oddities, tried fitting myself into a neat little box that matches what people think someone who does what I want to do should act and think like.

I LOVE sharing wisdom and knowledge. I want to teach and inspire people. I’m good at it too. I want to be somewhere in the realm of other motivational speakers. However, all that I am doesn’t fit what people think someone like that should be. Spiritual/life leaders are supposed to be loving, kind, polite, and so on. They should also be focused and always on-point. Or so they say.

Me? I’m INSANELY eclectic. I’m a teacher, spiritualist, pillar, filled with love and compassion and goodness. I’m also into darkness, horror, I hate a lot of things, I swear, I’m a writer, artist, poet, artisan, video game lover and so many other things. Some days it’s incredibly difficult to fit it all together. More often than not, I’ve tried to hide the “odd” parts so I can maintain respect and a certain image. The thing is, it doesn’t work. people can tell it’s not the real me.

I wish people could understand that a person is not just one thing. They can be a lot of things all at once. Applying the “niche” mentality to a person is just stupid in my opinion. Not many people are that narrowly focused in everything they do and are. Most of us are so much more. What I want more than anything is to be all of me. Just me, whatever that means from one day to the next.

I know some people will have their ideas, and I don’t know if I can change that. I’m not going to actively try, but I AM going to be more of myself, and maybe in time that will show people that the variety within each of us is what makes us special, and it lends so much to who we are and what we do. Just because someone wants a certain profession doesn’t mean they have to be a carbon copy of someone else who does the same thing. Honestly, the real me would be a motivational/self-help speaker that’s something like a genetic mash-up of Dennis Leary, Michael Beckwith and Marilyn Manson. That’s pretty much who I really am.


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