If Profanity Bothers You, This Might Help

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

While thinking about being a more awesome, balanced me, I got to thinking about my swearing. Back in June I said that I was going to quit swearing and for a while I did. It wasn’t that hard at first, but then it got annoying. Since then, it’s one of the things I’ve pretty much found a balance in.

I think about who I’m around and I try to speak accordingly. It’s now easy to not use foul language around kids and older folks who are a bit more reserved. I’m glad I stopped for a while because it actually taught me control. However, sometimes it just feels like the thing to do. I’m probably never going to be as foul-mouthed as I used to be, I do think I was going overboard out of habit. It’s part of me though. I’m sick of hiding things just for the sake of how everyone else feels.

Now, that got me to thinking: Is there a possible compromise? Is there a way for me to be me, and have people not get offended? I don’t want folks to stop reading my work just because there’s a chance that maybe one out of every 10 or so posts might have a curse word. How can everybody get what they want? Well, I did some digging, and I found something.

There are profanity filters that you can install in your browser that will stop you from seeing “bad” words. There’s one for Firefox and one for Chrome. *EDIT: The UserScript I originally linked to for FF seems to be down, but you can try this alternative as well.* I couldn’t find one for Internet Explorer though. Of course, if it really bothers you, doing a Google search for “profanity filter software” will show you all sorts of things that you can install on your computer to protect yourself from seeing content that you find offensive.

So there you go, it actually is possible for sensitive readers to not have offensive content presented to them without censoring writers. Pretty awesome, eh? I think so. I love compromise. I feel sorry for the IE users though, I guess IE doesn’t care if people get offended. Anyway, if you don’t like swearing and it bothers you that I may do it from time to time, you can install a filter and everyone can be happy. Plus, you’ll be protected from the content out there that’s intended to offend people. Win/win.


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