He Has No Hands, What’s Your Excuse?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I’ve written about excuses in the past, and it’s one of those things that holds people back so much. We believe that we’re not capable of doing or being what we want. We make excuse like not having the time or the money, other people won’t like it, we’re not healthy enough, we’re too tired, and the list goes on. Even I have my excuses that I work each day to let go of so I can be all I want to be.

Sometimes I look around at the world, and something will come to my attention that’s just the kick in the pants that I need. A lot of people need that, that one thing that makes them look at themselves with a bit of shame and makes them realize they need to get off their duffs and do more. Dan Caro is the kind of person that can do that for you.

I first heard about Dan on a Wayne Dyer PBS special, but he’s been on TV quite a bit, though most have never seen him or heard of him. Here’s a post on Oprah’s website that will tell you a bit about him. Basically, as a young child he was horribly burned in an accidental fire. He is incredibly disfigured and has no hands. That’s right, no hands. But instead of being like many and using his tragedy become an excuse for doing or being less or manipulating help from others, he’s become a beacon of inspiration.

He’s a motivational speaker, a drummer (and a really good one at that) with some pretty big dreams for his life. He’s not letting what happened to him hold him back. He doesn’t want pity or coddling from anyone. He’s living a fuller, happier life than most people who are in perfect health. When I look at him it brings me to tears, but not because of his burns and disabilities. It’s because he’s so amazing. If he can do what he does, live such an amazing life, then anyone can.

Most of us hate hearing the “It could be worse” statement, so I won’t go there. What I will say is that if there are people like Dan Caro in the world, the rest of us really don’t have any excuse for not living life to our full potential. Is being “too tired” really a good reason for not becoming better and doing more? Is being too old? Does anything really hold up when you look at it in comparison to someone who’s faced such tremendous adversity? Not really.

We all have our excuses, and we all need to get rid of them. We hold ourselves back from greatness more than anyone on the outside, even though we’re usually quick to blame some external influence for what’s wrong in our life. We are usually responsible for our own unhappiness and stagnancy, not anyone else. We have the choice to repair our flaws and become more, we just have to make that choice. I, for one, am facing my excuses and working to conquer them. People like Dan Caro help to inspire me. What about you?


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