Why Do We Start Christmas in September?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I know I’ve already written two posts today about Christmas, and it’s only September, and it actually just sinks home the point that I want to make. Why do we start preparing for Christmas so early? Have you ever thought about how utterly insane that is?

Actually, I started seeing some Christmas stuff coming out last month, and there were already people talking about it online. What’s up with that? I can tell you: The stores want you to have plenty of time to spend too much money. Christmas has lost all meaning for most people, even the religious people who claim it has deep meaning. It’s just a commercial endeavor for most people.

Why do people feel a need to spend so much money? Why do they feel a need for layaways and credit cards and debt? How is that a happy or loving thing? Feeding people’s materialism isn’t love, and it certainly has no spiritual value. People spend too much money and end up in total stress over what to buy and how they’re going to afford it. And yet people do it year after year, because it’s what we’ve been taught to do.

We could all choose to spend less, do more food and handcrafted gifts and focus more on sharing love and joy with our families, but a lot won’t. They’ll rack up credit card bills and suffer the stress of debt and obligation because it’s habit. And every year, it seems to start just a little bit earlier. There are even people who start spending for next year right after Christmas, using the so-called justification that they can save money that way. Really? I think if you need to worry about next Christmas in January, there might be something wrong with that picture.

I believe that we need to work to change the materialistic nature of Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. They’ve all lost their meaning and become just another reason for people to feel obligated to spend more money. Give love and small gifts all year. Be good to people. presents are not what it’s all about. They’re nice, and I’m not saying to never give gifts, but people really need to think about why they’re doing it and how much they’re spending. Forking out your hard-earned cash does not show that you love someone. Loving them shows that you love them.


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