Making Gift Bags For Christmas

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I have been working on getting things ready for my big Christmas gift project, because I know it is going to take me a while to get everything done. I was looking over my list of things that I need and I noted that baggies were on the list. I had planned on getting some plastic bags from Amazon. What I had failed to realize is that while they were wide and tall enough for what I’m putting inside them, they weren’t deep enough. Big problem!

So I proceeded to search Amazon for alternatives. Plastic bags went out as an option since none had big enough bottoms. So I started looking at paper gift bags. The cheapest I could find were $1 each, which would mean a cost of $21 plus shipping. Of course, they only came in sizes too small or too big for my needs, so it was all in vain. I had to think of something else.

Well, I have this HUGE roll of cream-colored butcher paper here, I think it was Eric‘s, or maybe mom’s, I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s become mine, and I thought, why not just *make* bags? At first I was stressed because I’ve made some bags before, but never with square bottoms. After one failed attempt, Eric and I got to brainstorming, and he mentioned how awesome I am at wrapping things. That led to the idea of me wrapping an appropriately sized box, slipping the paper off, and having instant bags. It worked!

My first try was a little wonky, but it *was* just a trial run. I know I can fix what was wrong with it on the next try. So I cut up enough paper for all my bags and I got some tape at the dollar store today. I will be able to make all the gift bags myself at a cost of $1.50 for the tape. I already had the paper which was obtained free, so no cost there. I already have tons of markers that I can use to decorate the bags, so again, no cost. $1.50 for 21 bags is pretty good! and I don’t mind taking the time. I think it’ll be cool, because it will allow me to have another handmade element, and I can personalize each one.

I’m thinking about getting Eric to take some photos as I go through making the next bag so that I can post a tutorial. If you have paper, tape and a Saltines box, you can make these bags. I can even write up how to do it with other boxes. That would be cool, right? Other people might like to know how to make their own gift bags inexpensively.


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