A Firefox Plugin is Helping My Eyes

Screenshot: Bubblews
Screenshot: Bubblews

I mentioned earlier that I have been having trouble with my eyes. I figured that part of the problem was the fact that my writing keeps me sitting in front of a screen most of the day. The thin black lettering on the BRIGHT white screen would get to just about anyone’s eyes after a while. It’s certainly been getting to mine. Combine that with my recent sinus issues, and I’ve been having some serious headaches and blurred vision.

I decided that i needed to see if there was some sort of plugin that would help me to change the colors of web pages so that they’re not so bright. I had tried looking and found nothing, so I asked Eric to have a look around the internet and see what he could find. he came across Color That Site! and it’s really quite helpful.

As you can see by that top screenshot, I’ve changed some of the colors at Bubblews, and it helps. I haven’t figured out how to get control over all the areas of white, but I’ve just started using the plugin, so I obviously don’t know all the ins and outs of it yet. I’m sure if I can play with it for a while I’ll be able to make that color scheme my slave, and get it looking just the way I want.

Screenshot: Google Drive
Screenshot: Google Drive

This second screenshot is of Google Drive, which is where I spend a lot of my day. I type all of my documents in Drive before I put them on Bubblews so that I can have spellcheck and editing and so that I have a copy. I also have it set to download copies of everything to my hard drive. Anyway, if you’ve ever seen the “normal” Google Drive, you’ll notice the difference right away. gone is the glaring white background. Now I can see what I’m doing without it hurting my eyes. I’m not squinting and straining anymore.

Screenshot: Google Search
Screenshot: Google Search

If you have trouble with seeing sites when you’re online, you might want to try this out. Once you pick the colors you like for a page, you can apply it to the whole site. You have to make a new template for subdomains (google.com and docs.google.com have different templates) but it’s not that hard. It really helps me a lot, and I’ll probably be tweaking other sites as well.

I also use CTRL+Scroll wheel to increase the font sizes on a lot of pages. Most sites have fonts that are just too bloody small, so I need to make them bigger for comfortable reading.There are plugins for that functionality, but I can just do it with the keyboard and the mouse.



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