Finding Joe and Finding a Role Model

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some time back I watched a movie called Finding Joe. It talked about how we can learn to be the hero of our own life story. In one part it suggested that we each find one or two people that we can look up to and emulate, and use the qualities within them that we admire to help us become our own kind of greatness.

I have always seen the Dalai Lama as an inspiration, but that’s a pretty high standard for someone to live up to. He’s received a calling, and lives his life according to it. I can take lessons from his life and practices, but trying to live up to that kind of standard could easily become maddening. So I’ve been looking for someone else a bit more down-to-earth to serve as a role model.

Unfortunately, most celebrities and even characters aren’t really anything I’d want to be. I see them more like cautionary tales than inspiration. They can show me how not to be, but not how I should or could be. Rev. Michael Beckwith is one of my other inspirations, but even he doesn’t quite hit the mark. He’s a wonderful person and personally helped me in a rough time, but I only want to embody some of his qualities.

Yesterday someone finally appeared to me. It’s someone that I have thought was wonderful for many years, but I would always forget that she existed. Even though I’d feel a flood of positive energy and inspiration whenever I saw her, it never stuck. I guess I needed to see Finding Joe so I’d have the idea of finding a role model in my head. Now I have just that.

I’m going to keep her a secret for now. As much as I reveal to the world, I do keep a few things to myself. I will say that she’s very much the kind of woman I’d like to be. She’s smart, clever, beautiful, caring, positive and inspiring. She’s more than that too. We already have similarities, so taking her finer qualities that I lack and using them as inspiration to become better shouldn’t be hard. When i get in a bind or have a rough time, I can just think “What would ______ do?” How would she react or handle this?

I like the idea of having someone to use as a role model. I don’t want to become a copy of her, but I can imagine how much more amazing I’d be if I could embody some of her wonderful traits. I plan on taking in more of her lessons and really paying attention. I can see really good things coming from this. [smiles]


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