Does the Post Office Give Away Unclaimed Packages?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Last night wasn’t a good one for me. In the span of 45 minutes I had three dreams. The first was really good, albeit short. The second one was lifelike, but no big deal. The third was so bad i actually got up and turned on all the lights and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time.

I was standing at the post office and was asking the teller a question. “Is the thing that’s been going around on FaceBook true that the post office will give away unclaimed packages if you know to ask for them?” The teller laughed and said they’d never even heard such a rumor. I was looking past his head and out the large picture window behind him. There was this tree, like a giant redwood. It was too tall to see the top and I couldn’t see any branches.

Around the tree was a spiral of string or wire, and from that were hung rings of various things. The second ring was Christmas ornaments. The third ring was office supplies. Up and up the tree there were rings made of various things. The bottom row looked like fashion dolls, male and female, hung from their feet. “Is it true that you decorate that tree with things from unclaimed packages?” Again he laughed.

Fast forward, I’m in the post office late at night. It’s one of those places where you can get in and check your P.O. Box at any time. (I don’t think anyone does that anymore, but they used to.) I’m checking my mail and I look out that window. There’s a light out there, so I can see the tree pretty well. I’m looking at the dolls, and they go from plain hanging dolls to being in this attack pose clinging to the tree. My heart jumps. They all slowly lift their heads and look right at me. The male is looking right through me. In an instant they’re rushing through the building and landing on me, biting and scratching, dozens of little bodies knocking me down.

I wake up and I’m in my bed, in the dark, with these evil shadowy doll bodies holding me down, biting and clawing and I think they were laughing. I’m crying out “No. No. Don’t. Stop. Don’t.” I’m trying to get away, I fling an arm over to the empty side of the bed. Then I wake up for real. I flew out of that bed and turned on the lights and looked for those damn dolls. I was totally freaked.

I was so wigged out that I got up and went to the office where Eric had gone to sleep because his hip was hurting. I woke him and asked him to sit with me until I calmed down. Of course he did, and he came back to bed with me because I was still feeling scared. I can usually shake off a nightmare pretty quickly, but that one really got to me.


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