DIY Terrarium In a Bowl Complete With Photos

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

I actually made this on Friday, and somehow I just kept forgetting to write about it. I did write about how I was planning to make one, but I never wrote about the finished product, so here it is!

I think it came out pretty cute. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of pretty stuff growing around here, but we do have an area right next to the front access ramp where moss and some other small plants grow. I dug up a few things and put them in the bowl.

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

To keep the bowl at an angle so you can look inside I used some blu-tack to attach a mayonnaise jar lid to the side of the bowl. that keeps it very stable at the perfect angle. I put some glass vase stones in the bottom, then topped that with potting soil.

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

On the left there is some moss, and a baby pine tree that I found. I placed a little pewter dragon that i had in there on the moss. There’s a piece of tree bark in the back with some neat looking lichen growing on it.

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

I added some blue glass stones for color. there was a little fern in the center, but it dried up and died. On the right there’s some small leafy stuff. I don’t know what it’s called. Near the front there’s a bit of vine-like green plant. It’s having a bit of a rough time, but I’ hoping it will take purchase in the soil and perk up. There’s also a golden Mexican coin in there. I collect foreign coins, and I thought it would be fun for the dragon to have some treasure to guard.

I’m glad I decided to try one of these at home before buying one, because it gives me a chance to figure out how to plant and care for a terrarium before i go spending money on one with really nice plants. I want one with succulents in it, or an air plant. But making my own lets me get used to caring for one. It’s really pretty too. I’m just hoping that the plants take hold and start to thrive.




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