Over 400 Poems, and No Duplicate Titles

Image; Public Domain, Pixabay
Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

I was posting some poetry this weekend, trying to get caught up to my most recent writing, and something occurred to me. I’ve written more than 400 poems over the course of 18 years, and I never once duplicated a title. That kind of blew my mind.

400 poems is a lot. 18 years is a lot of time. It would be really easy to forget that you already used a title and apply it to a new piece. Especially when a lot of the work has similar themes, it seems quite likely that I would have “oopsed” and used the same title twice. I never have.

Now, I have deliberately made some of my poems “Title: Part 2”, but I never reused any title. I’m not sure how my brain managed to hold onto all those titles, but I guess it must have. How else would I have avoided ever using the same one twice? I never check for a title before I use it. After I write a poem, I look at it, and I decide on a name for it. That’s all there is to it. Poem first, title after, and I’m done.

When I realized that I’d managed to go this long without duplicating a title, I felt a little impressed with myself. My track record with other writing hasn’t been so spotless. Granted, I’ve written at least 3000 articles between the three sites I’ve worked for, so I suppose it’s a bit more understandable that I might give two articles the same name. Of course, it’s only happened a scant few times in my article writing, so I guess I’m not doing too badly.

It’s actually funny in a way. Sometimes I can’t remember why I went from the living room to the kitchen, but apparently my brain has an extensive and well-maintained area for article and poem titles. Go figure!


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