Cereal As A Healthy Snacking Option

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

As part of my healthy living plan I decided that I needed a way to get my fix for sweets without always consuming cake or cookies. I found that cereal is a great option.

Now, I’m one of those people who likes to eat most of my cereal dry, so that plays into my choices. I like to pour a bowl and eat with my hands, as if it were popcorn. Once in a while I put 2% milk on my cereal. I also prefer crunchy over fluffy or soft snacks. No matter how you eat your cereal, it’s still a much healthier option than most snack foods.

My current favorite is Chocolate Shredded Mini-Wheats. They have a great cocoa flavor, they’re crunchy, and they have a lot of vitamins and minerals with a low amount of fat and calories. I’m also very fond of Basic 4 cereal. I like the raisins and yogurt clusters in that. It’s sweet and the flakes are crisp. I used to buy Meuslix a lot, but they don’t sell it anywhere in GA anymore.

Cereal comes in tons of flavors and varieties, so you can probably satisfy most flavor cravings. You can also make healthy snack mix by taking something like Chex or Cheerios and mixing it with good nuts, seeds, dates, raisins or dried cranberries. use 2% or skim milk, or even almond or rice milk if that’s what you like.

I love that I can pour a big bowl of cereal and munch happily with no guilt. Granted, you have to stay away from the unhealthy, sodium and sugar laden varieties, but there are plenty of choices that offer lots of guilt-free munching. If you have that hand-to-mouth desire, cereal may be just the thing to keep you from pounding down things like chips, candy and other unhealthy snacks.

This is also a great idea for kids. Instead of offering snack foods or candy, put out a big bowl of cereal for the kids to grab and munch on. It might get messy, but at least they’re eating something good for them, and you’re setting a good example for their future.


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