In Through The Nose, Out Through The Mouth: The “Right” Way to Breathe?

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Last night I was sitting here trying to chill out and play a game, and as I learned from some yoga videos, I was trying to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. I find that to be uncomfortable and it makes my heart beat oddly. Being the inquisitive, always learning person that I am, I decided to go look up this breathing method to see if it actually made any kind of difference.

As it turns out, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is not one bit better than breathing in and out through the nose. I looked up medical and sports fitness research, and after many articles it was clear, in-nose-out-mouth breathing is just a thing some people say to do, but there’s no scientific proof that it’s better for you in any way.

It is important to breathe in through your nose because that filters the air that you breathe. You don’t want to inhale through your mouth, because it would pull contaminants from the air right into your lungs. So how you inhale matters. How you exhale though, doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s more natural for us to breathe both in and out through the nose. Breathing through the mouth usually happens under exertion or is the nose is blocked.

All of the research i read stated that we should just breathe comfortably. If you like doing the in-nose-out-mouth that yoga teaches, do it, but in-nose-out-nose is fine too. It’s whatever feels better for you. I also read that “belly breathing” isn’t really necessary either. It doesn’t make the significant difference that some people claim.

So overall, breathe how you want. Learning to breathe evenly and not take shallow breaths is a good idea, but outside of that it’s a matter of preference. I’m glad to hear that. That mouth breathing was really throwing me off during yoga and meditation.


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