Every Day Is a Gift – Give It To Yourself and Others

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was watching a video the other day and it basically said that every day is a gift. You are given this day to live and grow and love. If you do that, and share with others, then it was a day well spent. Anything less is a waste of and an affront to the beautiful gift of life. I have to say I agree.

I can look back and remember a time, a very long time, when I thought every day was a curse and a punishment. I hated life and wanted to get out of it. Luckily, there came a time when I began to realize all the potential that I and my life had. I realized I could do and be so much. I started to change, and over the last decade I have gone through some amazing shifts.

This video, even though it was only 6 minutes was a good reminder. Every day can be a gift if you let it be. Many people get to the end of the day and then sit talking or thinking about every little wrong thing, every failure and stress. What if they took that time and energy instead to think and talk about all the good, the success, and what they learned? They could see the day for the good thing it was and give themselves the gift of learning, appreciation and growth. They could teach themselves to find the happiness in the little things.

We can, if we choose, look at every day as a gift. Every day, even the worst ones, offer us lessons. We can grow, change, learn, find small joy, hope, friendship, inspiration and so much more. Why waste the day with negativity, despair, stagnancy and fear? Why not find all of the good? There’s more than you think, once you start looking for it. Start small and you can teach yourself to see the great list of good in every day.

After you give thanks for the gift that your life is, share that gift with others. Share your joy, knowledge, wisdom, hope, dreams, love and anything you can with the world. Take that gift and expand it out to everyone you can. Show others what a gift life can be.

And for those on hard times, feeling hopeless and down, let me share something with you. I have found that even on the worst days, even when you’re sick and in pain, when you’ve lost your job, when someone has died, there is always something good in that day. Always. You just have to look for it. There is a lesson in every day, and something good in every day. Train yourself to find and hold onto those things and it can get you through.


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