Have You Ever Played Blind Pictionary?

Image: © Briana Blair
Image: © Briana Blair

Most people probably know the game pictionary. You have a category, and you have to draw something out for other people to guess. It can be a lot of fun to try to draw things out, and guessing is fun too. But have you ever tried blind pictionary?

I got the idea from a game called Cranium, where one of the challenges is to draw something with your eyes closed and have others guess what it is. I had to draw a toilet. Luckily, my team did guess it. Last night I wanted to do something different, so Eric and I decided to play some games. I talked him into trying blind pictionary.

The sheet in the image shows the five rounds we played. It’s challenging, but it was such a riot the things that were being guessed! The first one in particular had me laughing so hard it almost hurt. it’s hard to keep your eyes closed and draw while you’re laughing.

If you want a fun challenge, go ahead and try this at your house. We don’t own pictionary, we just used our imagination, some paper and some cheap markers.

If you’d like to try to figure out what we were doing in our games, give it a shot!

1) a household item
2) an outdoor thing
3) a fictional character
4) an animated movie
5) a fictional character (I had rotated the paper sideways, so you may want to tilt your head to the left.)

Can you guess what we were drawing?


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