Hurting Others Does Not Improve Your Life

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

The multitude of spammers and dislikers here on Bubblews got me to thinking about abusers. I know, that’s a bit of a leap, but I assure you it makes sense in my head. When you’re taking action of any kind with the intention of harming others physically or emotionally, that’s a form of abuse. Scammers and internet trolls, to me, are low-level abusers.

People who harm others, whether it’s in “small” ways like insults, dislikes, cruel jokes or in “big” ways like long-term psychological or physical abuse, are damaged individuals. They have mental and emotional problems that need to be dealt with so that they can become healthy. It’s unfortunate that people get this way, and unfortunate that they believe their hurtful ways are making their lives better.

Because they feel insecure and helpless to change their lives, they act out and harm others in whatever ways they can. This makes them feel a temporary sense of power and gratification. What it doesn’t do is actually improve their lives in any way. They may get that small sense of control and pleasure, but over time they will need to do more and worse harm to achieve the same feeling. In the process, they only turn the world more against them, thus exacerbating and perpetuating the issue.

There is no time when causing emotional or physical harm to another person will improve your life. It will not make you a better person or encourage people to treat you better. It will not break the cycle that is causing you so much pain. The only way to truly change your life is to look within yourself, find the source of the anger or insecurity that causes you to act out, and work to heal those issues. You have to become a better person if you hope to have a better life.

When we see people acting out and harming others, it’s best if we can try to be compassionate. It can be difficult, especially if we’re the one being harmed or the abuse of another is severe. However, understanding that the person is mentally damaged can allow you to try to help them. There may be nothing you can do in a given situation, but there may be. A kind word, some encouragement or simply not playing into their hands may help turn them in the right direction.


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