What Jealousy In A Relationship Says About You

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some people say that being jealous in a relationship is healthy, but personally I disagree. When I see a jealous partner, I have to wonder if they stop to think on what that says about them.

If you are constantly jealous, always worrying about who your partner is talking to or spending time with, wondering where they go and with whom, or clinging to them every time a potential “rival” comes along, to me, that says two things. One, “I don’t trust my partner.” and two, “I’m very insecure.”

If you truly love and trust your partner, jealousy isn’t necessary. If they love you they’re not going to cheat. It won’t matter how many people try to flirt with them or tempt them, they’ll stay true to you. They’ll avoid compromising situations and remain faithful. When you’re clingy and possessive and display jealous behavior, you’re very clearly saying that you don’t trust your partner to be faithful to you.

Jealousy also stems from insecurity. If you felt confident in yourself and your relationship, you wouldn’t feel that other people are rivals that need to be chased away. You wouldn’t feel the need to act out to make others or your partner see that someone “belongs” to you. if you love yourself and are confident in the person you are, you won’t worry about others trying to take your partner. You’ll know that you’re worth loving and staying with.

If you and your partner are both good, secure people who really care about each other, fidelity shouldn’t be an issue. And here’s another thing, if your partner does cheat, it’s their fault. There’s no amount of posturing or possessive behavior that can stop that. As a matter of fact, being clingy and jealous can actually drive a partner away.

Love your partner. Trust them. Trust and love yourself. Those things will lead to a happier relationship for both parties. Jealousy, fear and possessive behavior are unneeded in a healthy relationship.


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