You’re Wearing That to Go Out?

More than once I’ve been looked at strangely because I insisted on changing before leaving the house. I was dressed in exercise pants or slippers, sometimes with my hair not clean, and was told it was “just fine” to go out in. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m leaving the house like that.

I’ve been stunned and sometimes sickened by what people will go out of their houses in. Sweats, baggy clothing, and dirty clothing, even pajamas and slippers are considered acceptable to some people. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than people who leave the house in pants that show their rear crack, tops with plunging necklines and no bra, and short skirts with no panties. I do sometimes wonder if these people really think about what they’re wearing.

For me at least, being clean and neat is important when I go out, even just to the grocery store. If my hair is looking a little dirty, I’ll put it in a nice updo if I don’t have time to shower and let it air dry. I’ll go out in a t-shirt and jeans, but they fit properly and they’re clean. My clothes only have holes if they’re designed that way. I try to smell nice. I don’t always wear makeup, but my face is washed and looks good. I always wear real shoes to go out.

I wonder if it’s laziness or just lack of personal pride that sends people out to stores in baggy sweats, pajamas or slippers. And clothing that freely reveals your private parts? Do you have no decency? There are also people who wear clothes that are just too small for their body type. If your clothes are straining at the seams, you may want to consider buying something in the right size, as should the people wearing clothes many sizes too big.

I understand that people want to have freedom of expression and will often say that they don’t care what people think. That’s fine, but I think YOU should care about how you look. Don’t you want to look and feel good? Wouldn’t clothes that fit properly and cover properly make you feel better? Wouldn’t being washed and groomed make you feel better? Sometimes I just don’t understand people.



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