You Don’t Need Breast Implants To Be Confident

It’s kind of old news, but I once again stumbled across an article about a British mom encouraging her 14 year old to get breast implants. I think that’s insane. In my opinion this woman and her daughters all look extremely fake and unattractive. It’s disgusting to me that anyone would encourage their daughters to surgically alter their bodies for no good reason. The article says that these five women, ranging from 21 up, have had 13 operations costing over $77,000.

Later in the article it’s suggested that getting breast implants raises a woman’s self-esteem. It does also glaze over the possibility of building confidence from the inside, but it only barely touches on the idea. We live in a society where natural is considered disgusting and fake is considered desirable, but that doesn’t make it right thinking. The media has skewed people away from the way we should be thinking and into a mentality that’s more profitable to the people who feed off our problems. People need to remember that natural is beautiful.

To me, there’s something seriously wrong with a person whose self-esteem is dependent on their looks, and can be raised by becoming unnatural. I don’t think it’s necessarily their fault, but more a result of the sickening influences of the media. A woman, or any person for that matter, should be confident in who they are, no matter how they look. I have seen and met people who were short, heavy, flat-chested, had birth defects, scars and all sort of things that society would consider ugly, and they could command a room just by their personality. They love themselves for who they are and own what nature gave them. That’s a kind of confidence that surgery can never give.

I read a study a few months ago that said a large portion of women who get one surgery will get more (referring to all cosmetic surgeries, not just breast augmentation) because they only provide temporary change and temporary happiness. If the women don’t love who they are as a person, surgeries won’t provide long-term self-esteem. Some of the women commenting even said that they were more self-conscious after surgery and felt they needed more procedures to be attractive. Many were also unhappy with the results of their surgeries.

The simple fact is, you don’t need large, gravity-defying, unnatural breasts to be attractive. Your sense of worth should not be tied to your cup size or waist size. Getting surgeries that make you look like everyone else who’s had surgery makes you a clone, not beautiful. And no amount of silicone or nose jobs or liposuction or kneecap lifts (yes, sadly, that’s a thing now) is going to make you love yourself. Looking like a clone of a magazine ad doesn’t make you smarter, kinder, a better person, more likable or more lovable.

Confidence has to be built from the inside out. We all need to get back to valuing out intelligence, our talents, our accomplishments, our compassion and all the things that make us people and let go of the obsession of all looking like sad plastic dolls. Nature intended for us to be a wonderful variety, not clones. there is no one image of perfect beauty. We all, men and women, are born the way we’re supposed to be. We have to learn to ignore society and take our worth into our own hands. confidence is about who you are, not how you look.


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