Overcoming Physical Limitations Rather Than Submitting To Them

Woman Exercise Fitness Ball
Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Recently Eric and I decided to make some cupcakes. He’s not so great at pouring the batter into the paper cups without making a mess, so I stepped in and offered to do it. No big deal, right? Wrong! I was stunned and dismayed to find that holding the bowl full of batter and making the scooping and poring motions actually caused me pain. It’s pretty bad when such a small task actually hurts.

He offered to take the bowl from me and finish the job, but I refused. It wasn’t pride so much as it was my own realization that obviously I’ve become weak and stiff, and the only way to remedy that is by doing things. After I was done, I sat for a moment to think. I’ve already been trying to exercise at least a few times a week, but that moment strengthened my determination to do more. I’m far too young to be in such a sad physical state.

The really unfortunate thing is that I can’t even count how many people I’ve known or heard of who would take such a thing as a sign that they’re getting old and weak and need to do less. They would accept defeat and let themselves believe that they’d just come to a point where they had to give up and give in, and let their body fall apart. Many people would start to worry about the “inevitable” failure of their body, and the impending lack of ability to do for themselves. Some would even begin to fret over things like arthritis and joint issues and other health problems that must be the cause, and of course, can’t be fought. I can not and will not think like that.

For me, this is a sign that I haven’t paid enough attention to my body. I eat right and take care of my skin, but I haven’t been active enough. I basically have a desk job, so I’m sitting for most of the day. Not surprisingly, that combined with a lack of anywhere to go outside, means I don’t get a lot of activity. I’m not a fan of exercise either, so there’s a perfect mix for a body that’s not what it should be. Many would be content to accept this, and just find ways to live with their limitations. For me, it’s motivation to do more.

For the last few weeks I’ve been content to exercise for 15-20 minutes a day 2-3 times a week. It was better than nothing, right? Yes, it was, but it obviously wasn’t enough. I’m too young and I have too much left to do in this world to let myself fall apart this early in the game. So, I need to increase my efforts. I don’t have the strength or stamina to exercise for longer periods right now, but I can exercise more times per week. When I’m stronger and have more stamina, then I can increase the amount of time. I will do more and improve my body. What I will not do is sit back and whine about it, make myself a victim, admit defeat, or lay blame on anything other than myself. I got lazy and weak, I can damn well get active and stronger.


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