Why Is The Government Attacking Women’s Lives?

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I keep getting emails for various petitions to get lawmakers and officials to end their attacks on women’s bodies. I have serious trouble understanding why, in our current time, people are putting so much focus on trying to take women back to the stone age. It seems that anyone in power is determined to strip away as many female rights as possible and turn women into little more than victims and tools.

You’d have to be blind to not see all the commotion on television and the internet concerning the current women’s issues. Reproductive rights are under attack, women are not being paid fairly and rape culture is being promoted rather than admonished. Women are being overly sexualized and held to unattainable standards, and simultaneously being treated like second-rate citizens. Unfortunately, only a fraction of the population is standing up to do anything about it.

On the issue of pay, I think the simplest and best solution would be to set pay standards for all people, with no variances being allowed for gender. All people earn equal pay, end of subject. No one should be paid unfairly, and what they have between their legs should have no bearing whatsoever on how much they earn.

Now, while I don’t agree with abortion as a means of after-the-fact birth control, a woman should be able to get the procedure if needed. Specifically, victims of rape or women who know their child will be born with extreme defects should be able to terminate pregnancy. And of course, if the woman’s life is at risk, her health should matter more. I believe that they should be able to access abortion services if necessary, and that contraception should be widely and easily available.

In regards to rape culture, there’s no excuse for that. Society needs to stop portraying women as sexual objects, then blaming them when men abuse them. Every man should be responsible for his own character and know, without question, that non-consensual sex with a woman is wrong. If society would show greater respect for women and place more severe punishment on those who assault and rape, the world would be better off.

I just don’t understand what the long-term game plan is here. Why is the government so set on sending women backward? Why are they working so hard to strip rights and respect away from women? Is it just about power, about controlling a larger portion of society? What is it? I also wonder how anyone can treat women this way, think of them in such a lowly manner, and live with themselves. Has society truly fallen so far that people don’t even see each other as human beings, but as pawns and sources of money? People need to stand up and make this change.



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  1. I wonder if they realize the true potential of the power they could gain by showing fairness and compassion. Makes me think about how Daenerys Targaryen is getting a MASSIVE army put together, by letting people be free to choose. Just my 2 cents 🙂


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