Do People Really Go Through Their Date’s Cabinets?

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
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My last post where I talked about the government’s attacks on women got me to thinking about society and dating, and reminded me that I had this title on my ideas list. It was actually a commercial for The Macaroni Grill, oddly enough, which reminded me some time back that I wanted to talk about this subject.

Two people are on a date and the announcer implies that if the man had taken her to the restaurant she wouldn’t be going through his medicine cabinet at that moment. The commercial was, like most commercials, utterly stupid, but it did remind me that apparently there are people who do this sort of thing. They’ll go on a date and actually rifle through the other person’s belongings without permission.

I’ve heard tell of women going through men’s medicine cabinets, drawers, and even going so far as to sneak into their bedrooms and snoop into things there. I’ve heard of men doing the same, and also going through a woman’s purse if she leaves it behind. I’ve even heard people encourage this sort of activity to people who hadn’t thought about doing it before.

Supposedly, prying into your date’s possessions is a way to find out what kind of person they are. Women look for things like creams and pills that indicate physical or mental sickness, excessive amounts of pornographic material and signs of other women. Men look for condoms, feminine products, underwear styles and the creams and pills. (From what I’ve heard, men are particularly concerned with “slutty” things, which they believe increase their chances of having sex.)

One could simply talk to the person they’re on a date with and both agree to be honest, but I guess that’s just too much to ask of people. I really can’t understand snooping through your date’s stuff. It’s a total violation of their privacy for one thing. It’s also stupid and doesn’t prove anything. Any item can be taken out of context and you have no idea what it’s really about.

I think this kind of behavior stems from a society where people pretend to be what they’re not and lie on a regular basis. People go into relationships automatically assuming that the other person is being dishonest, and they feel that they have to do underhanded things to find out the truth. If people would just learn to be honest with and respectful of each other, problems like that wouldn’t exist.

If you’re the kind of person who goes snooping, stop. Really, just stop. It’s an invasion of privacy and it’s wrong. Talk to the person you’re with and just ask what you want to know if it’s really that important to you. Build a foundation of honest communication, it works better in the long run anyway. If anyone tries to encourage you to pry into someone’s things, say no and feel free to explain why. People need to stop being dishonest and start respecting each other in relationships, and in every other way as well.


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  1. It drives me bat-crap insane that it’s as if we must automatically assume that people will be dishonest. The more people think that way, the more dishonest people are going to be. It’s sad that this sort of behavior is treated as tongue-in-cheek humor, too.


    1. Isn’t it? Like it’s so normal you should think it’s funny. It’s shit like this that makes it hard for me to keep liking people. The general populous needs to wake up and smell reality. If we don’t start changing on a personal level, the world is just going to fall apart.


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