Craft Supplies: Findings, Metallics and More, Plus New Cases

Craft Supplies Box 1 - Image: © Briana Blair

Thanks to my wonderful friend San, I now have a lot more findings to make jewelry with! I had to go out and buy some cases to store all the goodies in, and this is one of them. This is a combination of what she sent me and what I already had, neatly organized. This case has all of my earring, necklace and bracelet findings along with head pins, caps, rings and most of my metal beads.

I love these cases. It’s hard to tell because of the glare in the photo, but the case contains dozens of small containers with flip lids that seal very tightly. They’re awesome for even my smallest beads and bits. One of those containers is full of 2mm sterling silver beads, and they don’t fall out. I like that I can just look down into the case and see everything I have at a glance. The only downside to these cases is that when you buy them several of the boxes are nested inside each other, so when they’re full you can’t actually fit all of them back into the case. It’s okay though, I’ll just drop them into one of my other cases.

Craft Supplies Box 2 - Image: © Briana Blair

This is the other case, which contains all of my gemstone chips and a lot of my best beads. I have all my seed beads in other cases, but this is the bigger beads that are really nice. Like the first case, it’s really nice to be able to just glance down in there and see what I have without any trouble. The individual boxes also make it a lot easier to get at the beads, and there’s less worry of anything spilling and no worry that beads will get into other sections and become mixed up.

Now that everything I have is better organized it’ll be a lot easier for me to see what I’ve got and make new pieces. I had forgotten that I even had a lot of this stuff because it was scattered among many containers. It was the best I had at the time, but this is so much better.


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    1. Only one more so far, but I’m still hopeful. I have new items to put up this week and I’m continuing to make things. Hopefully blogging about everything will rouse more interest and the sales will pick up.


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