The Sad Sight Of An Empty Bead Bin

Empty storage bin - Image: © Briana Blair

What a sad sight. An empty bead bin, sitting there all lonely with no beads to make it feel fulfilled. No sparkly bits to rattle around inside it, no hands will touch it anytime soon. [grins] All kidding aside, it is a bit sad to see a bin empty. It means I’m out of a color and I have that much less to work with. It’s been quite a while since I emptied a bin.

Of course, I’ve been crafting a lot more lately, so it’s no surprise that I’m going to use up materials. Hell, my original goal was to use as much of what I have as possible without buying anything more. After the donation a friend sent I did have to buy some new cases and I did get some thread, but that’s all. I’m still trying to make as many things as possible out of my current stock of materials. Empty bins are something that I’ll be seeing more of in the future.

Of course, there is an up-side to an empty bin. It means there’s now room for new materials. When I sell off some of the things I’ve been creating and take that 25% I always set aside for materials and spend it, there will be a place for something new. The empty bin can also mean that some of my less-then-stellar quality materials are gone. I have a lot of beads that I’ve been given over the years by multiple people, and ones that I bought on sale that weren’t the best. I’m transforming them into beautiful things, and that’s good. It’s also good to make room for better quality materials.

I really can’t wait for the jewelry and stuff that I have listed to sell. Money is awesome and I need it, but I also love buying new materials, especially when I can get really good materials. I don’t intend to buy low-quality stuff anymore. Even if it means that I have to save up longer to buy them, I’m going to get really good quality stuff in the future. For better or worse, better materials also means I can charge more for my finished products. I like the idea of stepping up my work and using really great materials to make amazing stuff that people will shell out serious cash for. I want to be one of those people who can sell a piece of jewelry for $100 or more because it’s that amazing. How much would that rock?

So, that little bin now sits empty. Soon he will have many companions. It’s okay though. In time they’ll be filled with even better things, and more beauty will be created. For every bin that empties, something will come to fill it. Life is like that. For everything that goes out, something comes back in, and if you play your cards right, what comes in is even better.


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