My Experience With the Erin Motz 30-Day DoYouYoga Challenge

Well, I’ve been at the 30-Day DoYouYoga Challenge for nine days now. Today was day eight of the challenge (I took yesterday as a rest day after conquering seven days straight.) and I’m feeling good. I’ve tried other videos and instructors, but this one is different, and, in my opinion, better.

It’s a big help that I actually like Erin Motz as an instructor. She’s pleasant and friendly without being sickly chipper or boring. She actually gives real instruction and even though it’s not a beginner challenge, she makes even a newbie like me feel comfortable and encouraged. She explains what to do if you’re not a master yet, and I’ve been able to follow along without too many issues.

As I said, this isn’t a beginner’s challenge, but it’s also not so hardcore that it’s discouraging. The first few days were rough, but Erin kept me motivated and hopeful. The 15-20 minute length of the videos is good too, I don’t feel like I have to slog through an hour of hell. It feels like just the perfect amount of time to spend every morning to get my body in better shape.

I finally found that doing my fitness routine right after I get out of bed works best for me. There’s no time to make excuses or forget because I had other things to do. I get up, brush my teeth, and it’s straight to the yoga mat. It only took a few days for me to actually start looking forward to my morning yoga. I’ve never, ever, looked forward to a fitness routine. I do for this one. Very cool!

I complained through the pain of the first couple of days, but now I’m excited at my progress. I’ve never seen results so fast from anything I’ve done. I’m a very results-oriented kind of gal, so that helps me stay motivated. Every day I seem to get a little better. It feels a little silly, but I get happy every time I can do better. Child Pose killed me in the beginning, but now I can do it with almost no pain, and that’s awesome to me. Even the dreaded Downward Dog gets a little easier every day.

I was worried that I might give up on this routine like I have so many other things, but now I’m very confident that I’ll complete all 30 days. I actually am getting eager to reach the end of the challenge so I can start it over and see how much I’ve progressed. I think that means I’ve finally found the right things for me. I look forward to it, I’m seeing results and I have no desire to quit.

The lack of daily pain helps a lot too. the routines hurt a little because I’m not very strong or flexible yet, but I recover quickly and all day long my body feels better. Even my wrists, which were really messed up from years of typing and writing are getting better and hurt less. How great is that? I always thought the yoga thing was just a fad, but I’m a convert. It’s making me stronger, healthier and happier.

If you’re looking for a way to get in better shape, I recommend this routine. You don’t have to be as good as she is in the beginning, you just need to do the best you can. It really does get easier. It’s so encouraging to see the progress every day. I’m very glad that I kept searching and found this challenge. Now I actually believe that I can get healthy and in shape. I’m already getting there!


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