My Crochet Hook Adventures Over The Years

Crochet Hooks - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

When I was thinking about how I got into crafting, and how I started crocheting at four or five, I started remembering how I progressed through crochet hooks over the years. It’s kind of funny in a way, and I wonder if other people who started crocheting young had a similar experience.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I first learned to crochet with my fingers. A lot of people don’t even know that you can do that, but you can. After that, I got my first crochet hook. If I remember correctly, the first hook I was given was a Q hook. That’s 15.75 mm or 0.62 inches. It was a monster! I had to hold it with a fist, I couldn’t hold it the way you’re supposed to hold a hook. I’m not sure why my grandmother started me on such a big hook, but she did. I was given that great big hook and rug yarn to learn.

I can’t remember anything that I made back then, but I’m sure I made a lot of granny squares and pot holders. Those were always the go-to practice pieces. Over the years she gave me smaller and smaller hooks to work with. I think the smallest one that she gave me was an E hook. G was the go-to hook once I learned what I was doing. If you know anything about crochet, you probably know that the vast majority of patterns seem to use a G hook.

Later on, after I was an adult, I started working with smaller hooks and smaller yarn. I went down to baby yarn first, after ages of working with typical worsted weight yarn. At some point I got introduced to #10 crochet cotton, and I was in love. I’m not sure why, but it was that do-everything-smaller part of me kicking in again. I even went out and bought my first set of steel crochet hooks, which had numbers instead of letters. I’ve actually used a hook as small as a 14 (00 is the largest, higher numbers are smaller sizes.) and that was with regular sewing thread.

I like small, but those itty bitty hooks are a bit much even for me. My favorite hook right now is a 6. I do my amigurumi with a 6 hook and I usually use a 6 or 7 for most of my other crafts. I’ve actually had to make up most of my own patterns because there aren’t a whole lot of patterns out there that use small hooks and crochet cotton except doilies. I made up my own amigurumi patterns too, because most people use worsted weight yarn, but I prefer to use the crochet cotton and get nice, small critters.

I do wonder about what size hooks other people learned with, and whether they went from large to small, or small to large. I also wonder what people’s favorite hook is. I think everyone has a size of hook that they feel really comfortable using and they stick with it as much as they can.


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  1. My nana does a lot of crocheting. She makes scarves, really nice ones, and she has a friend that sells them for her. Unfortunately, the yarn she uses is getting really hard to find in stores. The craft stores have been dropping like flies here lately, and she doesn’t have internet – so I may have to start buying the yarn for her.


      1. Yeah,.the Michael’s near her went out of business. The AC Moore here in Brockton is closing next month. There is a Jo-Ann’s Fabrics here too, but not sure they have what she’s looking for. 99% sure I can get the same stuff online, though – online is killing the brick and mortar craft stores. How about in your neck of the woods?


        1. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are doing well here actually.I’m surprised, but they are. Although I buy most of my beading supplies on Fire Mountain Gems because they’re more affordable.


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