Poetry On The Shower Walls – With A Photo!

More than once I’ve mentioned the fact that I often get inspired in the shower or bath, and when that happens I write on the shower walls. Normally I transcribe it all the next day and wash it off. Well, this time I decided to take a photo first and let you all see exactly what I’m talking about.

There you have it, seven poems written across the walls. I went to take a bath before bed last night, in the hopes that I could relax after a stressful day. No sooner did I get settled in the wonderfully warm water when a poem started coming to mind. I grabbed the grease pencil and wrote the one on the bottom right. I tried to lean back and relax after that, but more kept coming. Six of them were written before I got out of the bath, one came after I tried to go to bed, and two more got written in my tablet after I went to bed.

Nine poems in one day is a lot for me. Hell, sometimes I don’t write nine poems in a whole month, so I’m always stunned and pleased when I write several. I guess there were things in me that needed to get out. Emotionally, they were all over the place. There were some common themes, but there’s love, hate, faith, beauty and anger in those nine pieces. I may not have gotten a relaxing bath last night, but at least I got some release.

By the way, I’m in the process of scheduling out all of my poetry for the blog. I promised I’d do it and then I got sidetracked and never did. Now I’m following through with that promise. I’m working on volume 10 right now, then I’ll move on to 11. These latest nine poems almost filled volume 11. I think there are five or six slots left, then volume 12 will begin.



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