I Finished The 30-Day Yoga Challenge!

Woman Standing Yoga Pose - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I finally did it! I finished the Erin Motz 30-day yoga challenge! It took me 43 days to do it, but I did it. I completed every single routine and made it through to the end. I am so happy that I was able to stick with something for this long. I didn’t get the results that I was hoping for, but I have seen improvement, and I am now committed to making yoga part of my daily life.

Yoga hasn’t turned me into a willowy, super-flexible beauty as some TV and magazines would lead you to believe it will. I didn’t experience any significant weight loss. It wasn’t a quick fix to all my problems. Now wait, before you go wandering off thinking that I didn’t like it or think it was worthy, keep reading. Yoga wasn’t a miracle, but I am glad for every bit of it and I will be doing more.

You see, while it didn’t turn me into Lady Gumby, it has made me more flexible. It didn’t re-sculpt my body, but it has helped me keep my weight steady in the range I wanted it to be in. It didn’t magically cure all my ailments, but I have significantly less pain in my knees, hips and wrists now. It didn’t make me look like a supermodel, but it did make me feel healthier, stronger and more confident. Yoga, as hard as it’s been, has done a lot of good for me and I intend to stick with it, because I know it will get better over time.

What’s next?

Now that I’ve finished the challenge, I have to find a way to keep yoga in my life. Well, I should say that I want to keep yoga in my life. I mentioned in an earlier post that i wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I’ve decided now. I’m going to take the next week to focus on my legs. I have more flexibility than I did a month ago, but my legs are still really tight. I still can’t reach my toes from any position. Downward Dog is still painful. The rest of my body seems to have gotten the idea of what to do, but my legs need more work.

So, the next week will be all about my legs. I’m going to do lots of stretches and try to get them looser. You see, I should have had braces as a child, but I wasn’t given the proper care, so my arches fell, my ankles caved in and my legs have grown somewhat bent. Most people never notice, but if you look, you can see that they’re not straight. It’s given me issues my whole life. I believe that yoga can help. I know I can at least get more range of motion. Maybe I can even get enough strength to make them straighten. It may seem unlikely, but I’ve experienced enough miracles in this body to believe that everything is possible.

In the future

After spending a week on my legs, I’ll probably go back and do the 30-day challenge again. I have some other videos, but I really like Erin, so I’ll probably stick with her. I may mix in the others, but I’m not sure. The one thing I know for certain is that I’m going to keep doing yoga at least 5 times a week for as long as my body is able. I’ll do it every morning if I can. I’m happy with what it’s done for me so far, and I know that things will only get better from here.


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