Plastic Surgery At 16, This Is Too Much

Surgery Procedure Image: Public Domain, PixabayI just read about Kylie Jenner, one of the Kardashian sisters, and how at just 16 years old she’s already had cosmetic procedures done. If you look up photos of her, the new lips are unmistakable, and it’s not hard to believe that she’s had other work done too. Celebrities or not, her parents should be ashamed to have allowed this.

At 16 she’s not even done growing and changing yet. Having surgery now is beyond insanity. She was pretty enough before, she didn’t need to have work done to make her look more like the plastic masses. A new photo shows her with tighter skin, significantly larger lips and fake eyelashes along with far too much makeup. She doesn’t look real. Of course, that’s what society wants for women these days.

Her parents need to have their heads examined. Although from what I’ve seen of them in the media, that was obvious long before their youngest started getting nipped and injected. The Kardashian family is a glaring example of everything that’s wrong with the media and celebrities. Be fake, create drama and rake in the cash from the ignorant masses that eat it up like candy. And now, they’ve allowed another daughter to be a bad example for girls everywhere.

More girls are already considering surgery and procedures due to Kylie Jenner’s new face, as if her older sisters hadn’t already done enough to make females feel ugly and unworthy. The plastic people are taking over, and it’s ruining the self-esteem of girls and women everywhere. I feel sorry that Kylie buckled to the pressure and had herself altered. Apparently no one in her family taught her to love herself as nature made her and have that be enough.

I can never stress enough how against cosmetic surgery I am. Unless you’re actually deformed, there’s no need for it. And just because the media says you’re not good enough doesn’t make it true. So many pretty girls and women get procedures done and it doesn’t make them happier or better. Sure, they may feel more secure for a little while, but without true self-esteem and self-love, no amount of work is going to make them happy for the long run. And the fact is, if you have true self-esteem and love, you’d never want to have surgical alterations, no matter what you looked like.

This trend of fake people can’t end soon enough in my opinion. It has to stop. Parents need to teach their daughters to love themselves as they are. They need to teach their sons the beauty of a natural female. Women need to resist the pressure to get surgeries and procedures and find true self love. We all need to stop buying into the celebrity magazines and “reality” shows that make these people the standard for our society. Real people are beautiful. We need to make sure everyone knows and believes that.

**A final note to those who are fooled by the media: There’s no way her new look is done with makeup alone. It’s not possible to make lips look that much larger, and no makeup can make your jaw smaller, your cheeks thinner or your chin pointier. There are enough photos from enough different angles to make it obvious that she’s been surgically altered.**


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  1. Trust me, there will be a few more sex tapes in the near future. Kris is a BAD example for parenting. Yes, she’s business savvy, but pimping out her children to make a buck is disgusting. Sure, people tune in & follow them, but WHAT does the K-dash bring to the table? I actually turned on KUWTK yesterday, and it should be the Kris Jenner & Dash show. Only showed Kris, Kim, Kourt & Scott & the kids. NO Bruce, Rob, minimal Kendall, Khloe, and a pinch of Kylie. smh. Lmbo


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