When Your Pay Doesn’t Equal Your Work

Money Cash Wealth Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

One of the issues that faces people working from home is the fact that we often work far more than what we’re paid for. We need money, so there’s not much choice, but it can wear on you over time.

If I actually got paid, even minimum wage, for every hour that I’ve worked, I’d be pretty well off by now. I wouldn’t be struggling. Unfortunately, when you work from home your pay doesn’t always equal the amount of hours you put in. Even the quality of your work doesn’t always relay directly in what you earn.

I’ve seen people put total garbage up on products at Zazzle and pull over $1000 a month, while others with great art can barely make $50. Some “writers” post total mindless junk and make a ton, while better writers struggle.

This is one of the reasons that people need to respect those of us who work from home. We work and slave and try every single day, but we don’t always get paid what we’re worth. If the community at large supported us and promoted us above other workers, we’d be better off, but many scoff at us and what we do. We deserve better, but not all of us get it.


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