Stop Tagging People on FaceBook

Internet Tree Icons Media Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

People seem to have a very wrong idea of what Tagging on FaceBook is for. The tagging feature on FaceBook is supposed to be so that you can connect a person’s profile to a photo that they are featured in. You tag their face and it creates a link to their profile and alerts them that you’ve tagged them.

What a lot of people are doing though is spamming content to other users by tagging them. Someone will take an image they’ve skimmed from the internet somewhere, and tag people in random places on the image. The image is not a photo and has nothing to do with the people. The user doing the tagging is just using it as a way to say “Hey! Come look at my post!”. This is not appropriate use.

I really wish people would stop doing that. I don’t want to be tagged in anything unless my face or some product I created is in the image. I don’t want to be tagged in some smiley face image you think everyone needs to see. I don’t want to be tagged on the spam sneakers you’re trying to sell. I don’t want to be tagged in a post that’s not even in a language I can read.

Please folks, stop misusing the tagging feature on FaceBook. If the person you’re tagging is not physically present in the picture and nothing they did is in the picture, don’t tag them in it.


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