Fashion Trends Tend to Come in Cycles

Everything Old is New Again

Have you ever noticed that fashion trends tend to come in cycles? What went out of style 20 years ago is now back in style. Everything old becomes new again, so maybe you shouldn’t get rid of those old clothes.

If you pay any attention at all to fashion trends you’ll probably see that styles go out, and styles return. Sometimes they’re exactly the same, sometimes they change a bit, but nearly everything comes back sooner or later. Thinking about it makes me wish I hadn’t ditches so many of my old clothes when they temporarily went out of style.

Do you remember “high-waters”? They were big in the 60’s, came back for a while in the 80’s, and have made a resurgence again. They have been called “clam diggers”, “beach pants” and “bicycle shorts”.  What was once worn by trendy girls bucking the trend of skirts has once again become a popular fashion. Celebrities often wear these mid-calf length fitted pants with boots as opposed to the flat shoes or pumps that used to be the fashionable accessory.

Back in the 80’s people wore so much jewelry one might wonder how they stood up with all the weight. Bangles by the dozen, multiple necklaces, huge earrings and big watches were all the rage. There seemed to be no such thing as too much jewelry. All of those styles have come back into popular use. The style has been updated to incorporate the now-popular idea of “bling”. “Bling” appears to refer to anything particularly sparkly, and typically overpriced. (A gold Rolex qualifies as bling.)

Other styles that have gone away and come back again include skin-tight jeans (now called “skinny jeans”), thigh-high boots, large hoop earrings, “the Bob” haircut, tie dye, and big purses. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani have brought back the poodle skirt, Jessica Simpson helped bring back “Daisy Dukes” or short-shorts, and both celebs and models alike have brought back the 30’s trend of dresses that could be mistaken for lingerie.

If you happen to have a lot of old clothes kicking around, it might be a good idea to hold onto them for a while, they might just come back into style. I’ve also heard of people making a tidy sum off their 70’s and 80’s wardrobe, since so many of the styles are coming back. It doesn’t even matter if the clothes are worn a bit, since people are currently paying a premium for brand new clothes that look like they’ve been worn for several years.

Celebrities and fashion designers are always trying to find the next “new” look, but the truth is that if you look back at fashion over the decades, the vast majority of new styles are actually old ones with a little twist. Fashion trends have always cycled, and probably always will. Although, with so many hot new celebrities and musicians mixing styles, eras and trends without bias, there may come a time when style is whatever you make it.



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