Make Yourself Look Taller Through Creative Clothing Use

There’s nothing wrong with not being tall, but sometimes those of us who are vertically challenged want to look a bit taller. There are some clothing tricks you can use to help.

Some of us grow tall, while others don’t. While there’s nothing at all wrong with being shorter than someone else, for some it can affect their self-esteem, and it can affect how attractive we appear to others. For a woman, being short can be a good thing, as men tend to like smaller women. For men it’s a whole different story, as many men consider height to be a crucial part of their prowess, and being short can make some social situations very awkward.

If you can, it’s best to just get used to being short. Aside from surgery, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to becoming permanently crippled, or growth hormones which can also be dangerous, there isn’t anything you can do about your actual height. Being short does have advantages too. It’s a great way to meet people, since you always need help reaching things. It can also lead people to underestimate your abilities, which can work in your favor. I may only be 5’1”, but I can put up a good fight! Shorter people can also fit in spaces a tall person could never go. However, if you really feel the need to look taller, here are a few tips.

The easiest way to make yourself look taller, as most people know, is to wear heels. For women this is easy, since there are a wide variety of shoes with heels of various heights, anywhere from one inch up to six or more. For men it can be a bit more difficult. Platform shoes are available for both genders, but these clunky and usually goth or punk styles shoes and boots might not fit with everyone’s style. There are however “lift shoes” for men and women that come in standard styles, and are specifically designed to give some extra inches to the vertically challenged among us.

Another simple trick is to wear clothing that is fitted and has long lines. Long, slim skirts and skinny pants are great for ladies, while slim-fit pants and long jackets can help men. Try to avoid belts, because they cut your lines in half and can make you look shorter. You should also avoid clothing that is poofy or wide, like big ruffles or poodle skirts. There will make you look wider, and therefore distract from your vertical appeal.

Wearing dark colors not only makes you look thinner, it can also make you look taller. Wearing strong, dark colors also makes you look more imposing, which can add to the effect. Also, try to wear all the same color or shades of the same color. The continuity of color will make you look taller. When you wear several different colors it chops your body into sections, which can actually draw attention to your lack of vertical status. Vertical stripes will also add to the illusion of being thinner and taller. Avoid horizontal stripes.

Wearing clothing with long angles can also make you look taller. For ladies, try v-necks and other plunging necklines as well as vests or sweaters that form a V in the front. You can also try slim skirts that come to a point in the front and back. For the gentlemen, vests and sweaters with a V-neck can lengthen your torso. And never underestimate the power of a slim tie.

Remember to stand up straight! Slouching or having otherwise bad posture can make you look shorter, and overall it’s not very attractive. If you stand up straight and present yourself with confidence, you’ll appear taller and make yourself overall more attractive. Whenever possible, standing when all the taller people are sitting, or standing on something elevated can also make you appear taller, if only temporarily.

Get big hair! Your hair can have a lot to do with how tall you look. For men, hairstyles that are cropped close at the sides and either poofed or spiked at the top can add valuable inches, even up close. For the ladies, use hair lifts, poof your hair, or wear a spiky style if your hair is shorter. The height or your hair will add to your overall appearance of being taller. Just don’t get too extreme and do a beehive or make yourself look like a bad hair-metal throwback. Hats can also give you some height on top.

If you’re on the heavy side, consider losing a bit of weight, or at least turning fat into muscle. The wider you are, the shorter you’ll look. Thin people often look taller than they really are, while heavy people look shorter. If you can’t lose weight, remember the tricks of dark colors and vertical lines. Attitude can also make a big difference. Ever hear the phrase “larger than life”? Well, if you present yourself with confidence and pride, you’ll appear bigger and better than you really are.

Hopefully these tips will get you looking taller and feeling better about yourself in no time.



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