Elevating Your Fluff Writing, Some Examples

In my last post I talked about my personal mission to elevate my fluff writing (what little I do) into something more. I figured that people might want some ideas for how they can do that if they should choose to, so that’s what this post is going to be about.

Let’s say you just had a breakfast burrito. You can whip out a 400 character post about it and make a few cents, but to many people, that’ll be “fluff”, and it might not bring readers back to your work. There are some ways you can make that post a bit more interesting and meaningful and only use a few extra minutes of your time. Here are some ideas of things you could add to make that post a little more, and maybe bring your readers back again.

Why do you like breakfast burritos? Is it the taste? The convenience? Something else?
Have you ever made breakfast burritos at home? Do you know someone who does?
Do you know of a place that gives breakfast burritos to the poor? Maybe they have discount days for the less fortunate?
Is this your last burrito ever because you’re giving up meat/junk food/etc.? Is this your first breakfast burrito ever?
Do you know something about the history of burritos? Do you know something about the culture that invented them?

Maybe you want to write about the incident of your cat chasing a frog around your living room. There are ways you can turn that into something bigger as well.

Did you adopt your cat from the street or a shelter?
Do you know ways to keep frogs out of the house so the cats can’t get to them?
Do you know why cats will chase small creatures that get into the house?
Do you know some interesting trivia about frogs or cats?
Is there something really special/wonderful about your cat?

These are just some basic examples, but I hope you get the idea. For me, the whole idea of elevating fluff is to make sure that the reader gets more than a mini-rant or random tidbit about my day, they really take something away when they’re done reading. Maybe I can teach them new information, make them feel something, get them thinking, or whatever. It’s all about making it really connect with the reader and not just be a random thing that’s posted to fill a daily quota.

If you’re thinking about turning your fluff or filler into something more, first off, I applaud you, and second, I hope this helps.


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