How to Save Time When Writing Articles

If you’re writing for an article site, you probably want to streamline the process so you can write the best articles. Use these tips to get your writing process down to a science.

Carry a notebook with you everywhere. You should do this so you can write down ideas whenever they come to you. Write down every idea you get, even if you can’t write the article at that time. If you have a laptop or mobile device, you can keep a document just for ideas and snippets of articles.

Don’t wait for article ideas to come to you. One trick you can use to spur article ideas is to take a sheet of paper and write one letter of the alphabet on each line. Then go through one by one, and try to think of an article idea for each letter. You can also think about subjects you have knowledge in, and think of as many how-to’s or articles for that topic as you can.

Do your writing offline. You can save time by keeping a Word or other document on your computer, and writing your articles offline. You can write many articles, then just copy and paste them onto the site all at once. This also helps you with proofing the articles, as most programs have spelling and grammar checkers.

Download a bunch of legal stock images. It’s a good idea to look at the ideas you have, and go grab your stock images all at once. Try getting images that you can use more than once, and keep a folder on your computer that is just for your article images. Getting images that can be used for more than one article saves you time downloading.

When you save stock images, use the contributor’s name and the name of the site with a number added at the end as a file name. This will save you time when you’re crediting the images in your article. Always be sure to use legal images, preferably public domain, or your own photos.

If you have writer’s block, take a look at articles that have already been written for the site. It might give you ideas for things you can write on your own. You can also try to think about subjects you enjoy, and jot down everything you know about it, in summary form. Later, you can look back on it and expand various ideas into full articles.


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