Guns Everywhere And Guns As A Fashion Accessory

Gun Weapon Bullets - Image: Public domain, Pixabay

I was just reading a story about a 3 year old boy who shot himself in the head with a gun he thought was a toy. The gun had a pink grip to look “cool” for a woman. So not only was the gun left out where the child could get to it with no training of what a gun was or how dangerous they were, it was pink and pretty and looked like something to play with. It’s madness, and a tiny life is now extinguished because of people too stupid to be good parents.

It makes me sick that guns are now being fashion styled. I had to go look it up, but indeed one can get grips in colors and patterns to make the gun look attractive. That’s in addition to shoes with heels that look like guns, pendants and earrings that look like guns and all that crap. You can even find tutorials for women on how to stay “chic” by concealing your gun without “unsightly bulges.”

Why do people think they need guns anyway? Yes, the world is sometimes an ugly and dangerous place, but guns are not the answer. More often than not, the victim of a gun killing or injury was not a violent criminal. Guns get used to settle disputes, and hundreds of people die every year from accidental shootings, even self-inflicted. Carrying a weapon only lowers the chances of peaceful resolution and increases the likelihood of someone dying who didn’t deserve to.

The new “guns everywhere” law here in Georgia scares the hell out of me. Anyone could be carrying a weapon, and apparently police aren’t allowed to ask carriers if they have a proper permit. So people with illegal weapons can carry them freely. Having a gun in public only increases the risk of someone getting pissed off at another person and pulling that gun and probably shooting someone. We don’t need to be shooting each other.

I know a lot of people are going to say they need protection from thugs and gangs and all that, but really, most people with guns are not in that kind of danger. Even if they live in a high-risk area, adding another gun to the mix only creates more risk. What people need to do is learn to talk to each other, to be good to each other so that there would be less conflict. We need to put more funding into education and after school programs so that kids grow up intelligent and decent and have things to keep them out of gangs and away from the bad element.

Parents need to do better too. Teach their kids about life and the world and how to be good people. All of the shit that we’re facing in the world boils down to the media lowering our intelligence, parents not parenting, and people not knowing how to be decent human beings to one another. More guns will never make the world safer, only intelligence, compassion and education can do that.


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