How to Clean a Computer Keyboard

If the keys on your keyboard are beginning to stick, or it has been exposed to a lot of dust, it may need cleaning. Use these steps to get your keyboard working like new again.

  1. Turn off your computer. Unplug the keyboard from the computer, and move the keyboard to a table where you can work.
  2. Wipe the surface of the keyboard with a cloth that has been dampened with window cleaner. Do not spray liquids into the keyboard.
  3. Using a flat-head screwdriver, gently pop each key off its post. The space bar and other large keys may have a metal bar, so be careful. Use a gentle twisting motion of the screwdriver to pop each key. You don’t want to break them. Start at the top left of your keyboard and work to the bottom right, laying your keys out in the proper order on the table, so you won’t put them back in the wrong places later. Be aware that low-profile keyboards may be harder to remove the keys from than high-key keyboards. This method is not to be used for laptops.
  4. If the keys have residue on them, clean them with the dampened cloth.
  5. Hold the keyboard over a trash can and use compressed air to blow out and dust, dander or other debris. If you don’t have compressed air, you can use a duster or soft paint brush. Be careful not to lose any small pieces that may have been part of the key attachment.
  6. Place all the keys back into their original positions. Once they’re all back in, you’re now ready to hook it back up and begin using it again.

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