How to Protect Your Friends From Email Spam

Email At Symbol Person - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

No one likes spam, but you may be causing your friends and business associates to get more than their share if you’re not careful. Keep reading to find out how you can protect them.

  1. Whenever possible, only send mail to one person at a time. Sending mass emails can expose people to unwanted mail, or reveal their email addresses to others.
  2. Try to have mailing lists set up in your email program. If you have lists such as “friends”, “family”, and “business”, when you do send mass mailings, you can send them to only the appropriate people.
  3. When you forward an email, be sure to look at the body of the message. If you can see other people’s names and email addresses, delete them from the message. Leaving them in can allow others to get information about your friends and business partners. Forwarding is one of the worst culprits for spreading people’s email information. The more times the message is forwarded, the more people’s email addresses and names could be exposed.
  4. When forwarding or sending mail to multiple people, be sure to set all recipients to “BCC”. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This setting, instead of “To” or “CC”, makes each person’s email invisible to other recipients, thereby protecting their contact information. Make sure every single person you’re sending to is set to BCC. Using BCC in combination with removing visible addresses and names from the body of forwarded messages is the safest way to share such messages with other people, without revealing their private information.

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