Sanity is Subjective, Most Americans Are Unaware They’re Crazy

Shocked Face Smiley - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

The world is full of insanity, and you may be part of it.

Have you ever taken a good look around and thought about the way the world is today? If you have, you may have realized that the world, and the US in particular, has gone crazy. Are you part of the insanity?

I was browsing around the internet the other day and saw some news that just made me want to slap a celebrity. It was a perfect example of the craziness of people, and of the world we live in. There are so many things that happen around us, and we allow them and accept them as normal. We may accuse some people of being insane, but they may be more sane than we give them credit for. As for the rest of the population, they may very well be off their rockers crazy.

Below is a list of a few things I have noticed in the world that I think are completely insane, but most of the population doesn’t even bat an eyelash at.

People who dress up in costumes and play pretend all day (AKA actors) getting paid more than teachers, to whom we entrust the education of our youth. Insane! Maybe no one thinks about it because they “educate” their kids in front of the TV set.

People who run around playing with balls all day (AKA “athletes”) being paid more than police, firemen, doctors and teachers combined. But hey, we need sports more that healthcare, education and safety, right? Insane!

Toni Braxton, who has sold more than 40 million records, won numerous awards, and earned more than most people can dream of, is filing bankruptcy for the 3rd time and planning to pose in Playboy to make money. When you’ve been stupid with your money, just bare it all and you can make a buck! Insane!

Any person who makes more than 5 million dollars a year ever filing bankruptcy. If you’re that rich, you can afford an accountant. How can you earn 20 million or more a year and go broke? If you’re that stupid and careless, you shouldn’t be alive. Insane!

A country founded on ideas of equality and freedom doing everything it can to spy on us, control what we see, do, and interact with. Some kind of freedom. Insane!

People pretending to like others when they really hate them. Lying and backstabbing because apparently it’s impolite to just say you hate someone, but totally acceptable to run their name through the dirt behind their back. Insane!

Making TV shows about food sculpting and other food “sports” and “art”, and allowing that food to go to waste when there are countless people going hungry every day. Not only are people starving in 3rd world countries, they’re starving right here in the US, right in our own neighborhoods, and yet we see fit to waste food in the name of entertainment. Insane!

Paying the cost to run shelters and kill thousands upon thousands of helpless animals every year, but not giving price cuts to people who want to get their pets spayed and neutered, or giving discounts that are basically laughable. Insane!

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I advise each and every one of you to take a good look at how you live your life, and what you allow to happen around you. We all have the ability to do something about the insanity. Sign petitions, write letters to the government, write blogs and speak out, just do something! There’s no excuse for standing by and allowing the insanity to continue.


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