Selling Panties to Make Money

Knickers Underwear Panties Bloomers - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

An unusual business option for women

Apparently, selling used panties online is something that some women are doing to add extra income. It seems to be a lucrative business, but is it one women should really get into?

I was writing an article today about the Neurotically Yours comic, which made me think of an episode of the comic where the main female character found that someone was selling her used panties online. That made me think of an episode of CSI that dealt with the same topic. That in turn made me think of the fact that in Asia, Japan I think, there are vending machines where people can buy vacuum-sealed used panties while they’re waiting for the subway train.

I know a lot of people think the mere idea of it is disgusting, and I have to admit, I think it’s a little “icky” myself. One the other hand, you have to think of the genius involved in coming up with a way to make money off hormonally-charged teenage boys and panty-sniffing grown men. It’s not illegal to sell used clothing, so it’s actually a legitimate, if not slightly questionable way for a woman to make money.

When I first heard about panty selling, I almost considered doing it myself. I heard and read that women were getting paid anywhere from $20 to $400 or more per pair of pre-worn undies. Apparently the price goes up depending on how hot you look in the photos and how much customers like your product. It’s a lot of money to make from something that only costs you $5 at Wal*Mart.

After a few hours’ research, the part of my brain that handles moral and ethical issues, and deals with the level of “ick factor” involved in things, led me back to the path of more traditional ways of earning money. I just couldn’t see myself being involved in that scene. In a way I wish I didn’t have that part of my brain so I could just make the money, but in another way I’m very glad for that part, which keeps me from doing anything that I might regret later, especially if anyone ever found out about it.

For the women that do it, it seems to work well for them. The better your “product” is, and the longer you’re at it for, the more the profits go up. I actually read a story from a woman that is currently making $1000 per pair of gently worn undergarments. She even includes a matching bra to complete the ensemble. She’s living a very comfortable life off her sales. She said something to the effect of it being great because she makes money and doesn’t have to wash her delicates.

Some people think that selling panties is perverse, and borders on some form of prostitution. I think it’s odd, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say perverse. I think it’s a lot more odd that there are people out there that get off on sniffing ladies’ underwear. But I guess everybody gets their kicks in different ways. It’s not nearly as freaky as people who get off on sniffing shoes.

Whether it’s perverse or not, it’s legal, and for those that don’t have the moral boundaries to keep them from doing it, it seems to be a very lucrative business.


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