Since When Does the Grocery Store Get to Tell Me What to Eat?

Macaroni and Cheese Food - Image: © Briana Blair

OK, this is really starting to make me angry. I go to the grocery store, and they keep taking away all the things that I like to eat, or making the packages smaller.

I happen to like beef pot pies. So do my housemates. We used to buy them whenever we went shopping. Now all we can find is chicken and turkey. Oh, and they don’t even have the cheesy chicken anymore. Ok, I realize that there are a bunch of overweight people in the world that need to watch what they eat, but I’m not one of them. I don’t diet. I have a brain, and I know how to have fatty foods in my diet without getting fat. I want my blasted beef pot pies, ok? Just because there’s a large portion of society that’s too inactive and too uneducated to know how to eat, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to buy the things that I want to eat. Who the blazes do these stores think they are, discontinuing foods like that?

And what’s the deal with the package sizes? I used to buy that brand-name hamburger meal product (you know, the one with the talking white glove) because it was cheap, filling and tasty. First thing they do to anger me is that instead of having individual packets with the main sauce and cheese sauce, they put it all in one packet. It tastes like cardboard in comparison. Then the box has less pasta in it. Then the pasta is a thinner “faster cooking” type, that is basically like air in a vaguely pasta shape. It also tastes like cardboard. Then the box gets smaller again. But wait! They still say it’s 5 servings! You know what, when it was full-sized it was barely 4 servings. Now it’s about 2. What’s the deal people?! Again they’re trying to keep the overweight people from overeating. I didn’t ask for smaller portions. And the worst thing is even though there’s less food, it’s still the same bloody price.

This mess really ticks me off. I know how to eat. I haven’t gained a pound in 4 years, and I eat what I want, when I want. I’m genetically predisposed to being overweight, and I can still manage to keep my weight under control. I shouldn’t have my food options messed with because other people are too uneducated to control themselves.

I think I’m going to start writing hate mail to the stores and the manufacturers.


I know this article has some anger in it. The thing is, this affects a lot of people. We should all be allowed to eat what we want, and the manufacturers shouldn’t be changing the products because there are some people who don’t know how to control their eating. There are plenty of us who know how to balance the enjoyment of fatty, cholesterol-laden goodies with healthy foods.

Also, if you go beyond the issue of weight, there’s another problem with this trend. Families used to buy these inexpensive food products to feel the entire family, but now because of the smaller packages and portions, they have to buy more to get enough for everyone. Since the prices haven’t gone down along with the amount of food in the package, people are forced to spend more to get enough food. It’s wrong on many levels.

Perhaps these companies should go back to the old ingredients and the old package/portion sizes, and just release a separate line of portion-controlled products. Let people have a choice.


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